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Dennis Dawson My name is Dennis Dawson. I am a PGA Professional and have taught golf for over 35 years to people ranging from the rank beginner to touring pros. I am also the inventor of The Swing Thing and Back Tee Back.

To teach someone golf at a golf course is easy in the sense you can see the golfer's problem right away. When a good pro sees a golf swing, the problem sticks out like a broken bone to a doctor looking at an x-ray. The problem trying to learn golf by watching the golf channel or reading a golf magazine — it calls for self diagnosis. Many golf articles are written on observation not on direction; you must know enough to tell which one you are reading. A lot of articles are written on cause and affect a way many pros teach. The problem is none are written on curing the thing needed to fix your problem. I am going to try and help you with many of the basic problems in golf with short articles to help fix your swing and understand if it's your problem. So I hope you check back often to see if we can fix, not just diagnose, your problem.