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Back Tee Back

The Back Tee Back graphic The patented Back Tee Back is a great new product that will teach you to reach the proper position at the top of your back swing and follow through. It will help lengthen or shorten your swing and shows you which one you need! It is simple to use: An oversized "golf ball" is attached to the end of a U-shaped shaft, which gently taps you on the back at the top of your back swing and at the end of your follow through, when the shaft of your club is properly aligned with the proper swing path. It will also help eliminate the most common error of a reverse weight shift. The Back Tee Back can also be used with the original The Swing Thing swing trainer, and is perfect for indoor use at home or at the office. The Back Tee Back is guaranteed to enhance the enjoyment of your game!

Watch the video to see how the Back Tee Back works: