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Why are Drop Putters the best rolling putter on the market? The only difference between most putters are cosmetics.

DROP's Eye Alignment helps line up your putter by having the dot in front of the line. Most putters with just a line are hard to see if the line is square behind the ball. The line always appears straight in reference with the ball. DROP PUTTER's i alignment corrects this. This is due to an optical effect, when any movement of round to round, a line shows misalignment automatically. This is one of the reasons for the success of today's two ball putter, and the old three ball putter.

DROP PUTTER's patented design actually change the physics of putting. You will become a more consistent putter with DROP PUTTERS because they never change their line like most putters do. Your distance will improve in no time at all with DROP'S consistent roll.

DROP PUTTERS can make a bad putter good, a good putter great and a great putter a believer. Take the next step into the future of putting and try a DROP PUTTER today. It will do to your putting what Metal woods did for your driving.

Putters have always been designed the same way as golf clubs. They have the mass of the sole below the balls center of gravity. They have anywhere from 2 to 6 degrees of loft. These are design features to help get the ball in the air! Since rolling the ball as smoothly as possible is the object of putting, wouldn't it seem logical that the opposite design would make sense?

DROP PUTTERS are designed opposite. They have mass above the balls center of gravity and have no loft. With today's greens there is no reason for loft on a putter. The greens are like pool tables, the ball doesn't sit down like in the past. Today there are no stymies in golf. The only reason left is tradition, and we know what metal woods did to that. DROP PUTTERS are the best rolling putters on the market today.

DROP PUTTERS were tested by filming them with other putters using a high speed camera at 1000 frames per second. The putters were all placed on a putting machine and struck exactly the same way.

DROP PUTTERS proved that they never left the ground and had overspin at one quarter of an inch off of the putter face. All other putters launched the ball in the air, when they hit the ground the ball checked or skidded, only then could it turn to overspin. This took anywhere from 19 to 26 inches on a 20 foot putt. The ball can even be seen oscillating in the air which can change the direction. With most putters you are only as good as the luck of the bounce.


On a twenty foot putt testing with a putting machine, over the course of one hundred putts with each different putter DROP PUTTERS averaged making 95% of the putts. The next closest putter was at no better than 57% of their putts. Not only by line, the speed was the most consistent by DROP PUTTERS. So when you hear someone say "It's not the putter, it's me", that is not always the case. It could be the putter. At least with a DROP PUTTER you will know that it was you.