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Double D Golf now offers three putter designs utilizing our patented overspin technology. Unlike every other putter available today, all Double D Golf putters incorporate the center of mass above the centerline of the putter face, resulting in the most effective roll on the putting green. Coupled with this, our putters have no loft to promote rolling. Every other putter on the market today has 3 to 6 degrees of loft, actually causing the ball to lift off from the putting surface, resulting in less accurate putts.


Blade (brass)

Blade (black)
Mallet putter - top view
Blade putter (brass) - top view
Blade putter (black) - top view

When you consider putts count for half the strokes on a typical 18 hole course, anything you can do to help the ball roll into the cup will improve your score.

Putter loft compared

Why do traditional putters have loft?

The rules of golf actually caused the putter to evolve as a lofted club, and gave us the word "stymie." Until 1952, when one player's ball was more than six inches away and blocked the path of another player's ball, the ball blocking the further player's ball would stymie his opponent's putt. This required the player whose ball was further away to slice or draw around the ball which presented the obstacle, or attempt to chip over the ball. When the rules of golf were changed in 1952 to allow marking the ball position, putters remained lofted only out of tradition. Today, it makes no more sense to play with an inferior putter design than playing with persimmon woods!

Traditional putter with loft causes launch on the green

Unlike traditional putters that cause your ball to launch above the putting surface, our Overspin putters are designed to keep your ball on the green, resulting in a smoother, more accurate roll to the cup!

Overspin putter enhances roll on the green

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