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The Swing Thing

The Swing Thing graphic The Swing Thing is a remarkable new patented swing trainer that cures one of the most common and persistent problems that keeps most golfers from developing a smooth and rhythmic swing is that they often rely on the small muscles of the hands and wrists to compensate for poor body mechanics. Even after long hours on the practice tee, what usually results is a swing that's inconsistent and lacks power and accuracy.

Here's a great new swing trainer that, with its unique design, can teach anyone to develop proper body mechanics, balance, and tempo. It's called the The Swing Thing and was developed by veteran PGA teaching professional Dennis Dawson of Moorpark, CA. The principle behind the The Swing Thing is simple, two handles separate the hands on the club, preventing them from "hiding" the effects of an improper shoulder turn and body rotation. Isolated this way, the large muscles of the back and shoulders learn to groove a stroke that's properly timed and balanced. Any attempt at using the hands or wrists causes a distinct "hitch" in the swing, indicating that correct body mechanics and timing are not being maintained.

More than 30 years of teaching experience goes into every The Swing Thing, and with so many training devices to choose from, here's one that definitely deserves a second look. Watch this video to see how The Swing Thing works: